Chocolate-Chia Pancakes

Finding the right pancake recipe isn’t easy. Obviously, the “right” pancake recipe depends all on your individual preferences, but personally, I like mine to be fluffy, yet not too dry; sweet, but not made with loads of sugar; and preferably healthy, but without tasting too healthy or being full of inaccessible, overpriced ingredients. If this … More Chocolate-Chia Pancakes

Some Things I’m Loving #3 – June/July 2018

It has again been quite a while since my last favourites post, as I was reminded when I read Emma’s (fruitsandroutes) “Things I’m Loving Lately”. So, I decided it was time for a little catch-up on some things I’ve discovered/been loving lately myselfΒ  πŸ™‚ … More Some Things I’m Loving #3 – June/July 2018

Lemon Cake Oatmeal

What’s your favourite cake flavour? I’ll admit that my absolute favourite is nothing “special”, just good old chocolate. But a very close second is – you may have guessed it – lemon cake, a flavour that seems to be a little underrated in my eyes. I mean, how often do you come across a lemon … More Lemon Cake Oatmeal

Coconutty Chocolates With A Berry Jelly Centre

Happy Valentine’s Day! Despite not actually “celebrating” this day in any way, I’ll happily take the chance to create/get inspired by themed recipes, and what could be more fitting than chocolate? These delicious melt-in-your-mouth coconutty chocolates with a berry jelly filled centre recently happened to become quite the recipe-testing success if I dare say so … More Coconutty Chocolates With A Berry Jelly Centre

January Favourites – Some Things I’ve Been Loving

I’d been meaning to do these favourites posts wayy more often, but turns out my last one is actually quite a while back now! These kind of posts are really some of my favourites to read because they never fail to introduce me to at least some new products/ideas – and since I’ve discovered so … More January Favourites – Some Things I’ve Been Loving